Please take a few seconds and vote for at the Annual Glam longchamp les pliages bag Awards in the category “ Favorite Shopping Publisher”. One vote per day through April 13th! We are up for an award longchamp leather bag at the annual. We would love if you all took a few seconds to vote for us. Thank you to all of you who make longchamp le pliage miaou our site what it is today. And longchamps collection remember to vote once per day (after a 24 hour period from your initial vote). my vote is in for today! Voted a couple times already! It helps that it is a TPF ALERT.: )Thanks so much everyone!!!! GG Marmont Camera Bag
Just wanted to let you all know that some sort of weird and complicated ‘ thing’ happened to the forum tonight. Something about a sphinx search and the database error and back up and rebuild. I am listening to Vlad talk to various tech and server guru’ s attempting to fix the problem. To be honest,we do not know how long it will take to fix this problem. I dare not continue to ask Vlad when it will be fixed,as he seems to be blowing steam out of his ears. So hang tight everyone! The forum should be fixed ‘ soon’, and no,I have no definition of soon! Thank you for your patience: wink: I love the pic of the keyboard on fire! Hope it gets fixed soon!!! Happy tPF Vibes to Vlad and the fixit crew!! Thanks for all you do and for keeping us posted,Megs! XXXOO PGalWe miss you! I am TPF obsessed for realz.: oops: I am quite frustrated too!! They are backing something up… or something. All I know is last time I could get on tPF it said I was the only person on longchamp bag cheap and there had not been an updated thread in an hour,which was completely wrong. So there is some major glitch being fixed now. Thanks for hanging tight! Miss you all! Thanks for working on it Vlad and Megs!!!! I just got home and tPF was the first longchamp le pliage cheap thing I went for… I miss you guys already!: cry: awwwwh mannnn. i have been outta town for the longchamp bags outlet past three days so i have been without tpf for 4 days as it is… i get home and longchamp backpack amazon it’ s down! stircrazy! lol. I thought you said your internet was down! How was your weekend with Johnson? I’ m new with the forum and newly preoccupied!: oops: I bought longchamp soho store your first luxury bag.. (LV Mono Speedy) in addition to I’ ve been organizing it’ s contents non-stop with the assistance of the chic ladies and gents over the forum. Fix it upwards soon…: roll: Aargh…. WE miss the forum….

She looooooves watching what is the news when she comes dwelling from her night longchamp online shop alter. It’ s only unhealthy stuff anyway! Thanks for the hard work. I definitely miss tPF!!! This is normally my only refuge.: depressing: Don’ t stay upwards TOO late tonight!! Enjoy on the fixin’ and we all count on tPF return! Miss you… see you at dawn!!!: grin: THANK YOU Vlad!!! In addition to Crew!!! I hope that doesn’ t turn within the other huge meltdown this happened in November. You guys worked a collective tushies off for people like us! Thanks again!!!! And Megs thank you for keeping Vlad happy! heehee,it’ s a hardcore job but someone’ s gotta apply it: mrgreen: OMG: shock: WE seriously CANNOT live not having tPF! Please,Please go back! I am having withdrawals and it's also NOT pretty: cry: Lets hope by the time we finish my 5-page exploration paper,tpf can be back up! heheheThanks Megs in addition to Vlad: grin: I have class eary at dawn: sad: but have lots of breaks in between I longchamp le pliage price am on: razz: This semester I have to stay off TPF because I should have have done better very last semester but TPF achieved it: grin: Good night most people: wink: If I send Vlad some meatballs does it get done faster?: grin: … OMG did a friend or relative say meatballs?? Late event snack anyone??: grin: I hope tpf is all set in no time. I like browsing on here every once in awhile. I keep checking back every hour it also is still not upwards yet! This is just like torture!!: lol: Makes me realize what I miss TPF and many of the Lambies!!: wink: Oh that’ ersus reeeeaaally done it now… Your daughter walks in “ Mum think you're on the Purse Blog AGAIN”? me: “ Zero,miss out on smarty pants I’ t watch longchamp live online not” (cos’

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